About Us

We are a friendly community of good-hearted people, seeking to better follow Christ and his teachings. Calvary Covenant has been around for over 125 years and while we treasure our rich history, we are also attentive to the changing needs of today and cultivating a faithful hope for the future.

We are NOT a perfect people, or a perfect church! We struggle with taking risks, with prioritizing our lives around God, and with practicing what we preach. But we believe that the challenges are worth facing, and that conflict can be constructive. We trust that God can, in fact, change our hearts and our lives – that coming together as a church community gives us strength not only for ourselves, but also to share with others. We trust that God wants even more for us than we can imagine for ourselves. Each of us is on a hard journey, but we are on it together. Will you join us?


What We Believe

We follow the central teachings of the historical Christian church, including one God as three persons: Father, Jesus Christ his Son, (fully God and human,) and The Holy Spirit who reveals God and is present in the lives of believers. We accept the Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the word of God … Continue reading What We Believe

Find Us

Our church is located at 404 Meeker Street in Evansville – just look for the tall, white bell tower, and welcoming red doors! There is handicapped parking available in our lot, and our building is fully wheelchair accessible.